The game market is growing, but the situation for game companies is not easy. As competition intensifies, the average lifespan of games is getting shorter, and the cost of marketing and platform use is approaching as an added burden on game companies. Most of the games are applying the 'partially paid' model to this burden. The choice of such a game company is transferred to the burden of the user, and fatigue increases and interest rapidly decreases. The user leaves the game, and the service is stopped for the game that is not profitable, and the user eventually bears enormous damage such as the permanent loss of the in-game characters and items that he has collected.

The SML project team reduces costs by eliminating intermediaries of goods transactions and payment systems within the SML ecosystem so that these problems and vicious cycles of existing games do not continue, and the resulting profits are shared throughout the ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain-based NFT, assets and items owned in the game can be easily transferred or preserved to other games without losing their value in any case.

The digital world that grows with users is the ecosystem that SML pursues.

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