Token Information and Allocation

Token Platform: ETH

Token Cap: 2,000,000,000

Ecosystem (40%)

This supply to the ecosystem will be distributed to build alliances within the ecosystem, tight integration between the various games that exist within, and free markets. The supply for these ecosystems will be provided naturally according to the game's designed ecosystem logic.

Token Sale (20.5%)

It will be sold at a discount to partners who contributed to the initial creation, and will be used as a financial resource for initial infrastructure construction.

Team & Founder (4.5%)

This supply for the team is distributed to developers in various fields necessary for the initial development of the platform, developers involved in the development and operation of the market economy, and other parties directly or indirectly involved in building the platform.

Rewards (10%)

Anyone wishing to participate in the ecosystem can exercise certain rights on the platform by earning tokens through games or by holding tokens distributed on the market. It is used for all rewards that are not supported by the Ecosystem.


If the quantity is insufficient due to the large amount of mining, you can share the reward quantity and the Treasury quantity

Strategic Partnership (2.5%)

Strategic partnership supply will be distributed to strategic partners to assist with exchange listings and public sales to expand the ecosystem.

Advisor (2%)

This advisory supply will be distributed to external advisors and consultants who participated in the initial development and design of the platform

Marketing (20%)

The supply for Marketing is used for marketing activities for the initial growth of the platform. It will be used for marketing such as branding and user acquisition to initially build the platform, and will serve as a basis for continuing to expand and develop the platform.

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