Blockchain & NFT

SML NFT consists of three parts: ‘NFT Media Metadata’ and ‘Smart Contract’. Data refers to the original digital content itself, and metadata includes the title of the data, a brief description thereof, information about the creator, and the Internet address where the actual data is stored. In the smart contract, the contents of ownership, transfer, and royalty payment are coded and stored directly on the blockchain. In the NFT issued by the SML platform, all information such as ownership and sales history is stored in the blockchain, and forgery is impossible. In the initial stage of the platform, NFT in the form of PFP will be used to lead the ecosystem, but by utilizing the IP of many contents, various characteristics are given and the ecosystem will be gradually expanded while forming a fandom. SML supports the issuance of various NFTs (PFP, characters, ITEM, LAND, etc.) used in P2E games and metaverses, and supports MARKET PLACE, where NFTs can be easily traded at a lower cost.

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