Game Play

The play of the card battle game (Hereinafter referred to as game Ver 1.0) consists of 4 META EXPLORERS. If players have the character's NFT, players can build a deck where you can play the game. The card game is a card battle in the form of 4 vs 4.

The player's objective is to use the card's ability to reduce the opponent's life to 0. Under the premise that there is no special ability, if even one card is on the field, the META EXPLORERS. A character cannot directly attack a player, and can only attack a player if there are no cards on the field. The player's life is 10, but if there are no cards on the field, player automatically loses. In other words, you can win the game by making the player's Life 0 or eliminate all cards from the field.

Depending on the outcome of the game, the player acquires BAT token rewards and probabilistic items, and META EXPLORERS Characters receive experience points. By using the rewards obtained in this way, the player strengthens and nurtures the character to win the battle.

If a player does not have NFT, they can borrow NFT from other players to participate in the game. In this case, BAT tokens are paid to the player who borrows the NFT regardless of the outcome of the game, and experience points based on the outcome of the game are also accumulated in the NFT. However, the win/loss record according to the loaned play is not recorded.

After that, the scope of the card battle game is expanded and the scope is expanded to a metaverse mobile RPG (Hereinafter referred to as Game Ver 2.0) that utilizes augmented reality. In game Ver 2.0, your META EXPLORERS 3D modeling of NFT can be viewed in reality as augmented reality, and various interactions are possible.

In Game Ver 1.0, which was only possible with existing card games, more diverse actions can be possible, expanding the scope of the ecosystem through games. For example, various game play becomes possible through various additional services such as in-game exploration function or base decoration.

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