Each M.E. The character hatches from an egg and goes through the process of nurturing and growing in the Baby M.E state to become M.E. hatching as a character. In this process, the ability of M.E. will change depending on what kind of upbringing it goes through. Until players finish training, players will play M.E. players cannot check the character's character name and stats. In the process of nurturing, players can influence the ability of M.E. by using various nurturing items. Training items can be purchased with BAT tokens and can be divided into handheld items that can be used semi-permanently and consumption items that disappear when used. Each item has the following characteristics.

  • Possess Item: Item that Baby M.E. possesses and continuously receives effects. There is a limit to the number of handheld items that one Baby M.E. can possess.

  • Consumable items: Item that helps Baby M.E. grow at regular intervals. Consumable items cannot be used for a certain period of time once used.

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