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It is common to see people lying in bed playing mobile games, sitting at a desk and playing PC games and console games with friends. Users are exposed to games in various way in their daily life, and they spend a lot of time in games.
Therefore, all the goods obtained from the game belong to the user, and although the developer should not be able to easily remove or make it, this kind of behavior is happening too easily and frequently in the current game industry. In line with the motto of Web3.0, the SML team aims to make most of the goods NFT and FT so that users can easily liquidate the in-game goods obtained through time and effort. In addition, it aims to build SML's own metaverse ecosystem that can ultimately change these liquidated assets into goods.
Games with multiple IPs are sequentially loaded on an open platform, and stories and worldviews are shared, ensuring the free movement of items and characters between games. Ultimately, our vision is to create an SML Universe.
A new world where money is generated when you play for fun rather than play to make money. This is the reason and vision of SML's focus on blockchain and metaverse.