M.E.(Meta Explorers)

Meta Explorers (hereinafter referred to as M.E.) are the core characters of SML games. By utilizing the M.E. issued by NFT, players can engage in various activities within the game and obtain various rewards as a result of those activities. With this reward, players can use M.E. It can be used for purposes such as cultivating or strengthening characters.

GOGO DINO M.E. Characters are such as Rex, Tomo, Vicky, and Ping: It has a character appearance that has undergone various transformations based on the character of the META EXPLORERS team. This shows differences such as colors or designs of some characters depending on the multiverse worldview, In this way, along with the difference in appearance of other characters, there is also a difference in the character's abilities.

Basically, characters have rarity, level, age, attack power, and defense stats along with their name. Each ability does the following:

  • Rarity : It is divided into Common, Super, and Legend. The higher the rarity, the higher the ability. The rarity of the M.E. reflects the rarity of the egg NFT, the higher the rarity, the lower the chance of obtaining it.

  • Level : Whenever M.E. finishes a battle, he gains experience points according to win/lose. When a certain amount of experience is acquired, the overall stats (attack power, defense power) rise along with the level rise.

  • Age : The age of M.E. gradually increases with time from hatching from egg to M.E. As the age increases, the mining quantity of SML tokens gradually increases, and the ability of M.E. also increases.

  • Attack Power : This is the attack power when an M.E. attacks another M.E. Attack power is different M.E. Or it determines the damage when attacking another player directly.

  • Defense Power : This is the defense power when an M.E. is attacked by another M.E. If Defense Power is higher than attack power, damage equal to the attacked attack power is deducted from defense power. If the (residual) defense is lower than the attack power, the M.E. is destroyed and the remaining attack power is incinerated.

  • Special Ability/Skill : Each character has various special abilities and can change the situation of the game according to their special abilities. For example, a character with flying ability can directly attack the player only once even if the opponent's M.E. is on the field.

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