SML TOKEN(Governance Token)

SML Token is the key currency of the SML GAME platform.

SML tokens can be obtained as follows.

  • M.E. Mining & Burn

  • BAT Token SWAP

  • Purchase on the exchange

The SML Token is the underlying token within the SML ecosystem with a limited total supply, and SML holders are given the right to participate in the operation of the ecosystem.

It is also created through M.E mining, can be swapped with game tokens, and can be purchased from the exchange. SML tokens can be freely held, transferred, and exchanged between games within the chain according to the blockchain standard, and as a governance token, they are used to exercise rights such as the resolution of major issues and establishment of various policies. In order to use SML Token in-game, you need to SWAP with BAT Token, and SWAP BAT Token can only be used in-game.

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