SML Project's game utilizes NFT to allow players to compete, and by utilizing various rewards obtained as a result of the competition, each character can be strengthened or a new character can be acquired. The character grows into a META EXPLORERS character by hatching and nurturing it from an egg. Depending on the grade of the egg and the input of items/resources in the process of fostering, the abilities of the grown character will change.

The acquired character's age increases with the passage of time, and the character's ability and token mining ability increase in proportion to the age. However, tokens obtained through mining do not go into the player's wallet unless the character's NFT is incinerated.

SML game begins with card battle games based on NFT Deck and expand to metaverse mobile RPG games using augmented reality. In this way, SML will hold various events through collaboration with other projects and partners while expanding the world view of the game.

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