Efforts to prevent speculation

Under the current law, the distribution of blockchain games in Korea is prohibited due to concerns about speculation. This is because, in Article 32 of the Game Industry Promotion Act (Game Industry Act), ‘acts of exchanging or arranging currency exchange or repurchasing of tangible and intangible results obtained through the use of game products as a business is prohibited. Therefore, SML games cannot be serviced in Korea right away. The project team plans to launch it as a global service first in order to secure active users. After that, it will be released in Korea in line with changes in the regulatory environment for domestic P2E games, or a domestic release version excluding the P2E function will be created and launched.

Due to the current regulatory trend of global games, there is no coercive force or justification for continuously sanctioning blockchain games. Global blockchain games are pouring into the market, and the opinion that the controversy over the speculative nature of blockchain games does not protect users but infringes on the rights and interests of content producers is getting more and more attention.

The fact that the essence of blockchain games is user-friendly operation is that it elevates the user's status to a content producer and grants users the right to participate in the operation of the game. Through this, a virtuous cycle structure of ‘creating a user-led community - activating content production - maximizing user inflow’ will be possible.

The fact that the global game market is rapidly shifting to P2E is limited by the current legal provisions, and regulations that allow P2E games on a trial basis and prepare countermeasures for concerns such as speculation in the process The opinion that the sandbox should be promoted is being strengthened.

Nevertheless, if domestic regulations on P2E are continuously enforced under the current domestic law, the project team will first make 'game use self-regulations' for the areas of concern about speculation and apply them to game use, and in the future, We want to contribute to the establishment of a healthy blockchain game culture by developing self-cleaning abilities such as introducing a 'system'.

Step1 Apply the rules for using the game (apply uniformly)

STEP2 Responsible game system introduction

The project team will ultimately support the system to prevent speculative and addictive behavior under their own control. Restricting the monthly purchase limit and usage time uniformly is a regulation directly related to the sales of content providers, and there is a possibility of reducing the interest in the game product by limiting the consumption of game product users. Therefore, the project team is closely monitoring changes in domestic regulations and policies and changes in the Enforcement Decree of the Game Industry Act. When it is possible to launch a domestic service, it will support systems and programs that users can manage on their own, so that autonomous use and sound service supply can be maintained.

  • Self-check system within the platform

  • Expert consultation support system

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